Case Study: ESI Website Design

Website design focused on creating an online presence for the NGO and allow donors give funds and stay updated on projects and activities of the organization.

Duration: 1.5 months

Home Page

This was to be a sum of the message the organization was trying to pass accross. A compelling banner image and a blurb of update content within a section of the page.

News & Updates Page

Donors would be able to stay informed of the activities of the organization and new users could also catch up on the activities of the past efforts of the ESI.

Donations Page

We suggested the inclusion of an electronic donations page to allow for a convenient means of giving and tracking donations.

  • Web Design 95% 95%

      We designed a vibrant website interface that matched the likes of Stanford University’s website

      Sub-websites were deployed for over 20 faculties across 3 campuses

      We supervised the upload of over 20,000 units of journals to the online repository lodged within the website’s database and server

      A massive Search Engine Optimization exercise was carried out

  • Photography 85% 85%

      We curated over 1000 High Definition shots of the University

      We uploaded photo elements tagged appropriately onto photo sharing platforms

      We conducted photoshoots that featured heavily as original content on the website and University presentations

      We covered events at the university for 18 months

  • Digital Marketing 100% 100%

      We carried out a campaign that ran for over 10 months.

      We created and optimized the University’s Facebook page.

      We promoted the University’s Facebook page till it grew to over 20,000 likes

      Website visits grew to +225,000 hits monthly and was sustained for over 12 months

The Story

In 2010 the Empowerment Support Initiative (ESI) called on us to help them build visibility by means of a website. They had operated for several years, running empowerment projects in their region without much press or exposure

concerning the key milestones they had accomplished.

After receiving the brief we examined their need and proceeded to recommend an online donation platform that would

allow visitors and old donors continue their contributions digitally.

The project yielded a vibrant design that communicated the milestones and the NGOs sense of accomplishment.

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