The Hidden Value of Content Marketing

The fact that buyers reach your content through varied entry points including search engines, via social networks, and as links from other sites is often overlooked. Many people are dismissive of the value of writing a thoughtful blog, creating a video channel, or producing infographics because they underestimate the many ways that content is consumed.

When people are asked questions such as “Do you read blogs?” or “Do you use social media?” or “Do you go to video sharing sites?” the resulting data show rather small use compared to those who, say, use search engines or email.

The problem is people don’t realize how often they use different types of content and underestimate when asked, skewing data.

I frequently hear CEOs, CFOs, and VPs of marketing say things like: “Social media is not important, so we won’t do it here. It is a waste of time.” Other people say: “I don’t read blogs, so how important are they?”

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