Frequently Asked Questions

We get these questions asked all the time so we’d like to answer them in case you’ve got the same questions.
Why is Design Strategy so important?

Design strategy helps us draw a map from our first meeting to the hand over of your website. Projects always seem to get lost in translations somewhere in the middle of the journey without this step.

Must I communicate via e-mail? Isn’t a phone call good enough?

In our experience, and that’s a lot, leaving conversations undocumented is a recipe for chaos and bad blood. E-mail is simply the best and sanest path to happiness in a business arrangement.

Why is your process so convoluted? Why don’t you simply get a theme?

We use themes. However we customize them to match your brand colors and logo.

What is a Stylescape?

It is a graphical representation of the colors, fonts, Typography and character of your organization as it affects the look and feel of your  brand and your demographic.

After the strategy session and payment, what else do I need for the project to begin.

Your company’s profile will help. It should contain some information about your company, staff, products and services, product listing with pricing on an excel sheet, contact information and any other relevant information.

What are your normal rates for website design?

Between 650,000 to 2 Million for a corporate website. E-commerce websites tend to higher. These costs are controlled by scope.