His Legacy Will Live On

A Legend In Our Time

Walked and Played Among Us

 I met dRaX on a Sunday in 2008 and what struck me was the ease with which this Celebrity hit it off with me instantly. He was easy to talk to and didn’t try to hide anything he knew without making anything vague and watching him work was like watching a Music Conductor directing an Orchestra. It was breath-taking. It remained that way all through our friendship.

He always has an easy smile. One thing you will always have when you meet him is his smile. He would always find a way to smile in spite of the challenges he faced. In the years we worked together building dRaX ARTS Limited there were challenges like every business does. Sometimes the pressure would be on but he would find a way to smile.

dRaX was a boss who insisted on being treated like a colleague. This was difficult to do of course but since the Boss insisted on it, that’s what had to be done.

This is not meant to be a Biography. It’s just a place where a friend can say things he never documented. I did say this often but I’d like to etch this in cyber stone so the generations that come after will know that everything I became in my career is because I met a man called dRaX, whose parents named Emeka (the most common name of an Ibo man)  Jeffrey Onuoha.